How To Get Your NIE in Chiclana de la Frontera

NIE in Chiclana

It is pretty straightforward to apply for your NIE in Chiclana. The most complicated part for many is the online appointment application system known as “Cita Previa”.

But don’t worry. If you want to make an online appointment for applying for your NIE in Chiclana, just follow these simple steps.

Remember that if you are buying property in Chiclana, or any part of Spain, your lawyer will apply for your NIE for you.

Step by Step: Book An Appointment for Your NIE in Chiclana …

NIE in Chiclana

Step 1:

Use this LINK to enter the online appointment system

In the drop-down menu, select “Cádiz”

Then press “Aceptar”

nie in chiclana

Step 2:

In the first drop-down menu, select “CNP Chiclana del a Frontera”

Next, select the “trámite” which is “Policia-Certificados y Asignacion NIE”

Then press “Aceptar”

Step 3:

In this section, you are adding your personal details, so ensure everything is 100% accurate before moving forward.

For “Tipo de documento” select “pasaporte”.

Input your passport number where it says “*Pasaporte” IMPORTANT: Do NOT include any spaces or symbols in this section.

Input your full name, exactly as it appears in your passport in the section “Nombres y apellidos”.

Then press “Aceptar”

Step 4:

Ensure your details are correct where it says “Identidad del usuario de cita”.

If you have made a mistake, select “Salir” and start again.

If the details are correct, select “Solicitar Cita” to request your NIE appointment.

Step 5:

Type in your telephone number and your email address.

You are required to repeat your email address to ensure there are no errors.

Then press “Aceptar”

NOTE: Ensure you have your mobile phone at hand as you will be sent a code that is required to finalise the online appointment request. This is essential!

Step 6:

Select whichever of the “Citas” you prefer.

Then press “Siguiente”

NOTE: You will be sent a confirmation code to your mobile phone. Once you input the code, your appointment will be confirmed. Ensure you keep a copy of all the details, including the reference number.

How To Complete the NIE Application Form

In our next article, we show you what paperwork you need for your NIE application and how to complete the required forms.

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